Info for Adopters

If you are an approved adopter in Northern Ireland and waiting to be matched with a child, then it is possible that ARIS will be relevant to you.

ARIS and approved adopters

Adoption agencies refer prospective adopters to ARIS two weeks after they have been approved by the agency. At the point of referral, social workers will be asked to specify when adopters should “go live” on the system (usually after six months), and this will be re-checked by ARIS staff before adopters “go live” and before any potential links are sought. Approved adopters must give their consent for their information to be forwarded to ARIS by their adoption agency. A letter will be sent to adopters confirming that their details are “live” on ARIS, usually six months after agency approval. Social workers will notify ARIS if there are any changes in circumstances in respect of approved adopters, and this information will be updated on the database.

Linking children with adopters

Once your details “go live” on the database, a search will be undertaken to identify a child(ren) waiting for adoption who may match your approved profile. If a child is identified, relevant details of the adopter(s) will be forwarded to the child’s social worker for them to consider the proposed link further.
If the child’s social worker wishes to pursue a possible placement with you, they will contact the social worker/agency who carried out your assessment and is undertaking the link/support worker role. Further searches for a possible link will be conducted by ARIS at regular intervals, unless your adoption agency advises ARIS that a child has been placed with you or that you are unavailable at this time for some other reason agreed with you.

Security of your information

  • Information is entered on the database only when we have the agency’s confirmation that all necessary consents have been obtained.
  • Access to the database is by means of restricted passwords.
  • ARIS staff are subject to an Access (NI) check and have signed adoption agency confidentiality agreements.
  • Information about children and adopters will be sent only to other adoption agencies and only for the purpose of a possible link.
  • Any general information and statistics reported/published about ARIS will be non-identifiable.

Documents of interest: ARIS Info for Adopters 2 (PDF)