Optician putting a new pair of reading glasses on a patient.Opticians and optometrists carry out sight tests and fit glasses and contact lenses. They also recognise any eye problems or disease, referring cases when necessary to a hospital consultant ophthalmologist.

If you have sight loss, various aids may help you make use of your remaining vision. Low vision aids can be prescribed under the Health Service through the Hospital Eye Service or privately, through ophthalmic opticians. Talk to your doctor first.

If a hospital consultant ophthalmologist certifies that you are severely sight impaired/blind or sight impaired/partially sighted, you can ask to be registered with the local trust.

Registration as blind entitles you to certain concessions, including the Blue Badge parking scheme and a discount on your TV licence.

Find your nearest Optician

You can find the location of your nearest Optician by going to the HSC Service Finder website.

Sight care and services

You may be entitled to free Health Service sight tests and other vision-related services. If you are housebound, you can arrange to have a home visit from an optician or optometrist.