HSC Procurement Awareness Events for Social Care and Health Care Providers

The Public Contract Regulations (2015) were introduced 26th February 2015, signalling a major change to the means to which statutory organisations are required to procure social and other specific services “to the person”. The new Regulations now require such services contracts with values over the EU threshold of €750,000 (£589,146) to be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

In response to this legislative change, HSCNI organisations have requested the Business Services Organisation, Procurement & Logistics Service, as their Centre of Procurement Expertise to undertake procurement activities on their behalf for services “to the person” with contract values in excess of the EU threshold. In support of this development BSO (PaLS) have established a Social Care Procurement Implementation Project Board with membership from a cross-section of HSCNI bodies, to oversee the implementation of Social Care Procurement for service contracts “to the person”. A key element of the project plan is Stakeholder Engagement to ensure full awareness of the implementation of procurement activities for these service contracts.

To facilitate the commencement of these activities, HSCNI organisations in partnership with BSO (PaLS) plan to deliver a series of Procurement Awareness Events across the region. These events are to be targeted at service providers who deliver health and social care service interventions to people, and to raise awareness of public procurement requirements. These Procurement Awareness Events will run at a range of locations across the region during the period March to May 2017.

Interested parties can register below for one of the following events.

SHSCT 24.05.17 10AM – 1PM Craigavon
SHSCT 26.05.17 2PM – 5PM Newry
SEHSCT 05.05.17 10AM – 1PM Lisburn
SEHSCT 11.04.17 2PM – 5PM Downpatrick
BHSCT (South) 08.03.17 2PM – 5PM Belfast
BHSCT (North) 10.03.17 10AM – 1PM Belfast
BHSCT (East) 10.03.17 2PM – 5PM Belfast
BHSCT (West) 14.03.17 2PM – 5PM Belfast
NHSCT 12.04.17 2PM – 5PM Antrim
NHSCT 13.04.17 2PM – 5PM Cookstown
NHSCT 04.05.17 10AM – 1PM Coleraine **CANCELLED**
WHSCT 16.03.17 10AM – 1PM Enniskillen
WHSCT 22.03.17 10AM – 1PM Derry/Londonderry
WHSCT 23.03.17 2PM – 5PM Omagh

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