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How carers can get involved

How carers can get involved

The Health and Social Care Board, Public Health Agency and Health and Social Care Trusts, all work closely with carers to design and deliver health and social care services.

Discussions with Health and Social Care (HSC) staff, can give carers a better understanding of the types of services available to meet their needs. It can also lead to ideas for new support services.

Talking about problems and sharing information can benefit both the carer and the HSC –

  • The HSC staff hear first-hand about how things are working on the ground, and suggestions on how services can be improved.
  •  Carers get to directly influence the decisions being made about services relevant to them.

Any issues carers have can be discussed eg the availability of helpful information or how carers are identified and supported.

Carers’ Reference Groups

Each HSC Trust has a way that you, as a carer, can become involved in the design of carer support services and discuss carer related issues. Contact the HSC Trust for further details.

Carers’ Strategy Implementation Group (CSIG)

The Health and Social Care Board organises a regional group which looks after the implementation of the Department of Health’s ‘Caring for Carers’ regional strategy.

The work of this group has been paused during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Personal and Public Involvement

We are committed to involving carers in the design and delivery of the services they receive.

Further information on Personal and Public Involvement.

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