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Encompass sets out on Epic journey

26th November 2020
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Covid-19 has created many challenges for everyone globally and locally. Mindful of the pressures HSCNI professionals are facing at this time, encompass has adapted it’s implementation plans and engagement strategy and work remains on track.

In May, Epic was awarded the contract to partner with encompass and HSCNI to develop the new system which is scheduled to be in use across all five Trusts by 2024.

Since May, the encompass team have embarked on the Pre-Work phase, developing relationships with key Epic staff who will be guiding and supporting the team over the coming months and years, developing plans for building and implementing the system as well as putting in place the governance structures, populated by HSCNI Subject Matter Experts, that are necessary to give encompass a solid foundation.

encompass has also been engaged in preliminary training to understand Epic processes and the methods that will be used to develop the system in HSCNI as well as the collection of data about existing services, systems, process and facilities across HSCNI.

Recruitment activity was paused for a period, as a result of the pandemic, but it has now restarted with work on-going to fill posts across the team, including Build Team and Technical roles with new posts currently being advertised on

encompass look forward to continuing to build on the good work completed across HSCNI to date as they prepare and move through the main phases outlined below together.

The implementation plan has five core phases, which are outlined below:

  • Pre Work (June 20 to March 21) –This current phase is enabling HSC to work with Epic to put in place the necessary structures, systems, processes and workforce.
  • Workflow Walkthrough and Configuration (Mar 21 to Oct 21) – During this phase HSCNI staff will get a chance to preview what the system will look like and work will begin on building and testing the system to ensure it meets our needs and requirements.
  • User and system readiness (Oct 21 to July 22) – During this phase the system build will complete and rigorous testing will be carried out to make sure it is ready for the demands of HSCNI.
  • Training, Go Live and Post Go Live Support (July 22 to Sept 24) – This phase ensures staff are prepared for implementation with staff in each organisation trained in the months leading up to their local go-live.
    This phase also includes dry runs and technical dress rehearsals to make sure everything runs smoothly at go-live and of course support after go-live to ensure it is embedded .
    South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust Go Live – Oct 2022
    Belfast Health and Social Care Trust Go Live– April 2023
    Trust 3 Go Live – Sept 2023
    Trust 4 Go Live – April 2024
    Trust 5 Go Live – July 2024
  • Optimisation (Sept 24 to Oct 26) – Once all main implementations are completed, further work will be carried out to refine and enhance the system.