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Gender Identity Service

The Regional Gender Identity Service is a service provided by the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust for all residents of Northern Ireland. The service provides care, treatment and support through psychological, social and physical transition for adults who are assessed as having gender dysphoria.

Individuals who use the Regional Gender Identity Service may also access other services such as endocrinology (hormone treatment), speech and language therapy, mental health services and dermatology as part of their care pathway.

Where individuals are approved for gender reassignment surgery, they are currently referred to surgical providers outside of Northern Ireland as there is no local surgical service.

In terms of staffing, the service is very small. With staff turnover and recruitment issues, the service has limited access to consultant and therapist input.

Children and Young People

For children and young people experiencing gender dysphoria, the ‘Knowing Our Identity Service’ (KOI) is commissioned to provide support, care and treatment. Provided by Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, the service is available to all young people across Northern Ireland.

The service has a small number of staff who have very specialised skills. Once a young person who has been assessed as having gender identity dysphoria attains the age of 17 ½ and wishes to progress to adult intervention, arrangements should be made for transfer to adult services.

However the transition between services has been problematic due to the long waiting times for assessment and treatment in adult services.