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All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care (AIIHPC) is seeking new volunteers for Voices4Care

31st March 2022

Use your voice to help to improve the future of palliative care


This is a unique opportunity for citizens to shape the future of palliative care that is offered by AIIHPC.

AIIHPC is looking for New Volunteers to join Voices4Care, a forum established to learn from people’s personal experiences of palliative care and to inform and influence palliative care on the island of Ireland.

Members of Voices4Care are:

  • People with a life limiting illness/palliative care needs
  • Carers or former carers of people with palliative care needs
  • Citizens with an interest in palliative care.

Palliative care focusses on helping a person with a life limiting illness to achieve the best quality of life as their illness progresses, it is beneficial for people with a range of conditions, and across all ages.

Frances Murphy, from Dublin, said that the all-Island scope of the work of AIIHPC appealed to her when she applied to join Voices4Care,

“While it was my nursing background, working in palliative care, and the death of my oldest sister (coincidently also a nurse) that sparked my interest in Voices4Care when I retired.  To be very honest the name All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care was what really appealed to me, it encompassed the whole island of Ireland.

“Through Voices4Care, you will have opportunity to hear from some of our health care professionals via presentations, forums, conferences, and to take part in research projects on death and dying and educate yourself. This, along with your own experiences will help to improve services for yourself, your loved ones and all those in our communities throughout the whole island of Ireland,” Frances said.

Dr Brian Creedon, former HSE National Clinical Lead for Palliative Care (ROI) said,

“The contribution made from Voices4Care to the National Clinical Programme for Palliative Care is integral to all discussions and to developments within the programme. The personal experiences shared provide an insight into potential gaps that may exist for people requiring palliative care services, their carers and families and allow for better approaches and therefore, better outcomes. I would encourage those who do have this experience or have an interested in palliative care to join Voices4Care.”

Karen Charnley, Director, AIIHPC, said,

“This presents a unique opportunity for people to make a significant contribution to the future of palliative care services. The voices of those who have direct experience of palliative care is a vital part of informing and influencing our own work within AIIHPC and also wider palliative care developments across the island of Ireland.”

Applications close on Monday 9 May 2022. *Applicants must be 18 years or over at the time of application.

For more information visit
Email: or Tel: 00353 8719 61430