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Western HSC Trust Waiting Times

Western HSC Trust Average Waiting Times

Helpful information and guidance for patients

Please Note:

  • Some patients will wait less time than the average and some patients will wait longer than the average waiting time indicated.
  • Average waiting time is the average (mean) of all patients waiting within the specialty at each Trust and can be impacted by waiting times for subspecialty appointments or treatments. Patients waiting within subspecialties may experience a shorter waiting time or a significantly longer waiting time depending on the demand for a particular subspecialty appointment type.
  • The data presented in the website reflects the average waiting time for those patients who are actively waiting for their appointment, procedure or endoscopy.
  • Patients are being managed based on clinical urgency and therefore waiting times can vary depending on each patient’s clinical condition.
  • Some services may be provided by a multi-disciplinary team e.g. doctor, consultant, specialist nurse or an allied health professional. This will be denoted by an asterisk e.g. Orthopaedics*
  • The waiting time information provided is updated by the first Thursday of each month.

Access the average waiting times for the Western HSC Trust below:

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HSC Trust Endoscopy

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