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South Eastern Trust first to roll out digital record

26th February 2019

The South Eastern Trust has been selected as the first HSC organisation to roll out a new digital record as part of the regional encompass programme.

The initiative aims to create a single digital health and social care record for everyone in Northern Ireland. The team is currently in the process of procuring a supplier to deliver and implement the new system that will replace, modernise and consolidate many fragmented and isolated systems.

It will allow healthcare professionals to access patient information on a range of devices including handhelds such as iPads and mobile phones, wherever they are, safety and securely.

They will also be able to update records in ‘real time’, make notes electronically, prescribe medicines, order tests and communicate with patients and users.

Patients will be able to view their own information and communicate electronically with those who provide their care.

Welcoming the initiative Dr Michael McBride, Chief Medical Officer, said that it was a tangible illustration of the out workings of the Delivering Together programme which flowed from the Bengoa report.

“Transformation is now underway, changing what we do, and how we do it together – as one system – to help people stay healthier. This is an exciting development that will benefit both those who deliver and receive the vital services that are provided across the sector.”

It is intended to roll out the new system across all five local HSC Trusts.

To find out how a new single health and care record will benefit staff and patients check out our short animation