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Integrated Care System Northern Ireland

This Integrated Care System webpage provides you with information on important changes taking place in health and social care services across Northern Ireland.

A new Integrated Care System (ICS) is currently being developed for Northern Ireland. This system signals a new way of planning, managing and delivering our health and social care services based on the specific needs of the population.

The ICS approach brings many partners together, building on the excellent partnership working encountered during the pandemic. Reaching out beyond traditional boundaries, the ICS will harness the strengths in our existing partnerships.

The key focus of the ICS is to address the wider determinants of health and wellbeing through a population health approach. This will address the whole life course from prevention, early intervention through to treatment and end of life care.

Health and social care professionals, the voluntary and community sectors and local councils will work more closely together in the future. They will develop population health plans, and manage and deliver services.

A programme of work is underway to bring about the design, implementation and delivery of the Integrated Care System.

The underpinning principle of the model is one system working together to achieve improved outcomes for the population of Northern Ireland.

A Project Board was initially setup in January 2021 to support the early phases of the project and ensure the timely development of all necessary policies, frameworks and guidance to support the delivery of the objectives.

In June 2022 a review of the initial work was undertaken. A new ICS NI Steering Board has since been established, chaired by the Permanent Secretary, to provide strategic leadership and oversight to the programme of work. The first meeting of the new Steering Board was held in August 2022 when the new structure of the programme, timeline for implementation and the development of the Strategic Outcomes Framework were agreed.

Following initial meetings of the ICS Steering Board in August/September 2022 a need was identified for an ICS NI Programme Board to be established beneath Steering Board. This forum will provide first senior level oversight to all the recommendations being proposed by the ICS NI Programme team.

The new programme structure is illustrated below.

Integrated Care System Northern Ireland chart showing the Programme governance and accountability.

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