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ICS NI Webinars and Presentations



TitleDescriptionDate addedDownload
ICS Presentation - 27 April 2023 - Lisburn Slides 02-05-2023 Download
ICS Presentation - 27 April 2023 02-05-2023 Download
ICS webinar 31 March 2023 - Implementation Martin Hayes 02-05-2023 Download
ICS Presentation 31 March 2023 - ICS Update 02-05-2023 Download
ICS presentation 30 January 2023 - NI Lessons on Integrated Care Systems

Discussions on what lessons ICS NI can learn from the development of Integrated Care Systems in England.

03-02-2023 Download
ICS Presentation 10 November 2022 - Understanding integration_NI

Understanding integration: listening to and learning from people and communities.

Dan Wellings and Clair Thorstensen-Woll

14-12-2022 Download
ICS Presentation 21 September 2022 - Population Health

Population Health and ICS NI. 

Speakers: Martina Moore, Programme Director ICS NI, Strategic, Planning & Performance Group, DoH

Dr Joanne McClean, Director of Public Health, PHA

18-10-2022 Download
ICS presentation 10 June 2022 - Community Planning - Kim McLaughlin

ICS Webinar Presentation 10 June 2022 - Community Planning and the ICS Process - Fermanagh and Omagh Community Planning Partnership

14-06-2022 DownloadPreview
ICS presentation 10 June 2022 - Community Planning

Role of Community Planning within the Integrated Care System - Colette Rogers, Head of Health Improvement (South), Public Health Agency

14-06-2022 DownloadPreview
ICS presentation April 2022 - An Outcomes Based Approach within the Integrated Care System

Reflections on an Outcomes Based Approach Jennie Dunlop Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council.

28-04-2022 Download
ICS presentation April 2022 - Outcomes Based Approaches

Moving Towards Outcomes Based Approaches. Naomi Dunbar, South Eastern HSC Trust

28-04-2022 Download
ICS presentation on Outcome Based Approach

Making an Impact - Why we use an Outcomes-based Approach. Joanne Cartland Programme for Government Team, The Executive Office.

28-04-2022 Download
ICS presentation March 2022 - Reflections

Integrated Care Systems - Reflections from Engagement. Anne-Marie Doone, Involvement Officer, Patient and Client Council.

05-04-2022 Download
ICS presentation March 2022 - Integrated Care

Integrated care - what is it and does it really work? Dr Niamh Lennox-Chhugani, Chief Executive, International Foundation for Integrated Care

29-03-2022 DownloadPreview