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Physical and Sensory Disability

Physical and Sensory Disability

Physical and Sensory Disability Services

The Strategic Planning and Performance Group (SPPG) is responsible for delivering a range of projects and supporting system-wide collaboration. To do this, we work closely with colleagues and partners in the Public Health Agency (PHA), Department of Health (DOH), Health and Social Care Trusts, and organisations in the Community and Voluntary and independent sectors.

Our work is informed by the values and principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. We aim to promote:

Dignity and respect for individual differences;

  • Social inclusion and acceptance of the individual by society;
  • Independence and life opportunities;
  • Informed choices;
  • Anti-discrimination in service provision; and
  • Equality of opportunity and access to services and facilities.

Sensory Disability:  A Guide to Sensory Support Team Services

A regional guide to Sensory Support Services in Northern Ireland has been launched for people experiencing sensory loss, for their carers and for health and social care professionals who work with people affected.

This educational resource was produced and launched by Belfast Health and Social Care Trust with support from all Sensory Support Teams and the SPPG. Contact details of all Sensory Support Teams across Northern Ireland are available at the end of the film.

The invaluable contribution of service users, who have lived experience of the service, highlights their personal stories on how help and support from local Sensory Support Services impacted upon both their lives and those of their family’s.

Information is presented, in DVD and online, in three accessible formats, to meet everyone’s needs: Subtitled, British Sign Language and Irish Sign Language.

Sign language versions are available by clicking on the links below:

British Sign Language Version

Irish Sign Language Version

HSC Sensory Care Pathways

Two resources have been developed for adults who have sensory disabilities in Northern Ireland.

The Care Pathways are aimed at those who are deaf or have hearing loss; and those with sight loss or who have experienced difficulty with their sight.

They outline what support is available to address and manage their conditions, how to navigate a range of services, and learn about the different health and social care professionals they will meet along their journey.

The Care Pathways have been designed in collaboration with service users and their families and delivered by the Regional Sensory Impairment Group. It brings together service users, community and voluntary sector organisations and health and social care professionals to focus on improving services and support for people with sensory disabilities.

Download the Care Pathway for People who are Deaf and have Hearing Loss

Download the Care Pathway for Sight Loss

British Sign Language and Irish Sign Language Videos