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FPS Complaints – Checklist

Checklist for preparing a draft response

  • Consider the complaint from the complainant’s perspective.
  • Thank them for bringing it to your attention.
  • Simple, plain English, no jargon.
  • Acknowledge their view / concern.
  • Express regret for misunderstandings.
  • Apologise for errors.
  • Make sure your response is accurate and answer all points raised.
  • Explain what went wrong and the result of the investigation.
  • Deal with facts / don’t try to justify / avoid defensive tone.
  • Describe action(s) taken to put things/matters right and any service improvements.
  • Offer meeting (if appropriate) and contact details.
  • Explain options if they are dissatisfied with the outcome.

Remember who the response is from.

Finally – Double check for accuracy. Remember that the response is from the Chief Executive (or delegate) in the Trust or a Senior Partner in FPS.

If you did not work for a HSC organisation, would you understand it? And would you be content to receive such a response if you were the complainant?

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