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FPS Complaints – Standards


Standards to assist in monitoring the effectiveness of complaints handling arrangements.

  1. Accountability – Ensure there are clear lines of accountability for handling and considering complaints.
  2. Accessibility – Service users will have open and easy access to the HSC Complaints Procedure and the information required to enable them to complain about any aspect of service.
  3. Receiving Complaints – All complaints received will be dealt with appropriately and the process and options for pursuing a complaint will be explained to the complainant.
  4. Supporting complainants and staff – The HSC organisation will support the complainant and staff throughout the complaints process.
  5. Investigation of complaints – All investigations should be conducted promptly, thoroughly, openly, honestly and objectively.
  6. Responding to complaints – All complaints should be responded to as promptly as possible addressing all issues raised. If any delays are expected in providing a response within the target timeframe an explanation should be provided to the complainant and an indication when a response will be issued.
  7. Monitoring – The Strategic Planning and Performance Group will monitor how those providing care deal with and respond to complaints including monitoring of complaints processes, outcomes and service improvements.
  8. Learning – The HSC organisation will promote a culture of learning from complaints so that where necessary, services can be improved when complaints are raised.

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