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FPS Complaints – Monitoring/Performance

Monitoring and Performance Management

FPS Practitioners are required to provide the following documentation to the Strategic Planning and Performance Group (SPPG):

  • Anonymised copies of each written letter of complaint and response letter, within 3 working days of the written response being issued to the complainant.
    The reason for this action is that the SPPG is required under the Directions to monitor complaints against family health service practitioners. A copy of the patient complaint and the Practice response is shared with Medical Advisors within the SPPG. Upon review, if they have any concerns of a clinical, professional or regulatory nature, they will contact the Practice for further information/clarification.
  • Dental Practices are only required to forward complaints concerning NHS treatment.
  • Patients should be aware that an anonymised copy of their correspondence will be provided to the SPPG. The SPPG may require additional information for monitoring purposes, such as copies of correspondence received from the Ombudsman.

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