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FPS Complaints – Practice based complaints procedures

Practice based complaints procedures

FPS Practitioners must have –

1. A designated complaints officer (e.g. practice manager or senior partner).

2. A practice based complaints procedure. This must be compliant with the Department of Health’s ‘Guidance in relation to the Health and Social Care Complaints Procedure’.

This internal protocol should outline the arrangements for handling complaints within the practice or pharmacy –

  • Name of Complaints Officer and how they can be contacted.
  • The availability of support services.
  • What the complainant can do if they remain dissatisfied after attempting to resolve the complaint at local level.

3.  A complaints leaflet that is readily available to patients. This should include information on –

  • Who can complain (service users, or on behalf of a service user if consent has been given).
  • How they can complain (face to face, telephone, letter or email).
  • Timescales for making a complaint and receiving a response.
  • Name of the designated Complaints Officer.
  • Role of the Strategic Planning and Performance Group (SPPG) and the Patient and Client Council.
  • What to do if they are still not happy (i.e. Ombudsman).

SPPG complaints staff are happy to review any leaflets and/or practice-based procedures; or assist in their compilation; or advise on their content. In addition the SPPG can also supply standardised posters promoting the complaints process.

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