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FPS Complaints Procedure

HSC Complaints Procedure

The HSC Complaints Procedure (April 2022) is a statutory obligation and has the following:

  • Single tier process – The HSC Complaints Procedure is a single tier process, i.e. local resolution at Family Practitioner Service (FPS) level and then straight to Ombudsman.
  • Local Resolution – A strengthened, more robust local resolution stage.
  • Standards for complaints handling – These assist organisations in monitoring the effectiveness of their complaints handling arrangements locally and will build public confidence in the process by which their complaint will be handled.
  • “Unacceptable Actions” policy – When consideration may need to be given to classifying the person making a complaint as an unreasonable, demanding or persistent complaint.
  • Role of Ombudsman – The NI Public Services Ombudsman is charged with the investigation of complaints about government and public bodies where people claim to have suffered injustice because of maladministration. Investigation by the Ombudsman may result in:
    • the recommendation of an apology being issued to the complainant,
    • the introduction of revised policies and protocols, and/or
    • the potential for a consolatory payment to the complainant. The amount of such a payment is at the discretion of the ombudsman.

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